Wingspan-140"    Length-97"

Weight-38 - 45 lbs    Engine-(2) 38 - 50 cc gas 

The giant scale C-47/DC-3 plan set is 1/8 scale and consists of five large sheets that clearly illustrate all structure as well as showing installation of flaps and retracts. The C-47/DC-3 plan shows the installation of Robart retracts, fixed wire gear, servos and Zenoah G-38 engines and features three piece wing.  The basic structures use conventional “modeling” tools and materials such as balsa and plywood, and the techniques are straightforward; easily accomplished by anyone with previous model building experience. There are many online building threads at forums and  forums for Nick’s plans. Tech support is also available via email at or by phone 9:00 to 5:00 Mon - Fri EST 631-467-4765. The plan includes full-size templates for all the required parts allowing you to cut a complete “kit” before you start construction. If you don’t have the tools or time to cut your own kit Nick Ziroli Plans now carries a laser cut short wood kit for the C-47/DC-3 plan that contains all the parts that you would otherwise have to cut by hand from balsa and plywood, it does not include sheet or stick wood or hardwood, balsa blocks. There are many kit cutters such as Precision Cut Kits that make a very fine full wood kit that contains all the sheet, stick wood and balsa, hard wood blocks and laser cut parts to build the complete model from our plans. The plans have instructions and building notes on the plans. If you choose gear or an engine not shown on the plans you should have them on hand when you start construction to make any changes needed for mounting. Nick Ziroli Plans recommends covering the airframe with1oz fiberglass cloth and ZAP Z-poxy finishing resin and elevator and rudder with cloth covering such as solartex. Nick Ziroli designs are equally at home at the local sport flying field or the winner’s circle at prestigious scale events such as Top Gun and the Scale Master’s; you can add as much detail as you like. Nick Ziroli Plans has building and scale accessories available for the C-47/DC-3. Over the years, Nick’s designs have gained the enviable reputation for being among the most “flyable” giant scale models available. 


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Qty. Description Price
Plan $70.00
Short Wood Kit (all cut parts balsa and plywood) $ 395.00
Full Wood Kit (all cut parts balsa and plywood) $ 495.00
  Fiberglass Cowls (Pair) $ 67.00
Fiberglass Nose Section $ 73.00
Tru-Turn 1in Spinner Nut (2 Required) – (Note - Enter engine, prop size and type in Special Instruction box at checkout) Each $37.90
  Wing Tube & Sleeve 1 1/2in x 36in $ 38.00
  Wing Tube & Sleeve 7/8in x 30in $ 27.00
  6 3/4in Dummy Radial Engines (Pair) $ 16.00
  5 3/4in Dummy Engine FTE Cast Resin (pair) $ 44.00
  Zenoah G38 Gasoline Engine (2 Required) $ 324.95
Robart Retracts #162 $ 642.95
Tail Wheel Robart #657 $ 72.95
6in Dubro Foam Tire on Aluminum Hub (each) $ 40.00
6in Dubro Rubber Tire on Aluminum Hub (each) $ 40.00
Robart 6in 8 spoke Tuff Treads (each) $ 98.95
Robart 6in 10 spoke Tuff Treads (each) $ 98.95
Tail Wheel 2in: Robart #114 (each) $ 7.73
3in Dave Brown Treaded Liteflight wheels WR30-5730 (each) $ 3.75
  Air Kits: Robart #157VRX $92.95